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martedì 25 marzo 2014

First Certificate English - Short essay on the role of computers in today's society

In Today’s world computers play a significant role in everybody’s lives: not only are they necessary for the organizing of data by banks, companies, public services etc, but also are used by individuals to get in relationship with the world.  They are often considered as one the symbols of present edge.
Some  people are not sure of what has just been written: most of them believe that weight of technology in the modern world should be resized because the ways of doing traditional jobs have been losing. Hardware has influenced the jobs of the most common people such as artists, musicians, writers and employers, and this can’t be accepted.
However, it’s impossible to believe that progress should be stopped although it has been improving lives of everyone. Many people assume that software’s evolution is unrestrainable because of the evolving of the world: they retain we must stay abreast of times.

In my opinion, we have to accept our dependence on computers, but at the same time the tradition culture should not be ignored, rather it should be enhanced by hardware.

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